Catch a glimpse of how it was like to perform Hajj in 1953. Though this was only just over 60 years ago, a lot has changed mainly due to the increase in the number of pilgrims going to perform Hajj. Many pilgrims would travel to Makkah via a ferry or a ship, in those days [...]

Hajj: A Submission to ALLAH (swt)

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and is obligatory for a person who is physically and financially able to perform it at least once in his or her life. Due to its importance as a Holy ritual and the emphasis put by Allah Almighty and Prophet (PBUH) on its performing, every Muslim dreams to [...]

Hajj and Umrah Tips

Makkah Tips Where should you do Tawaaf? It is best to do Tawaaf in the Mataaf on the ground floor. Even though it might seem crowded, when you get into the crowd it is not that bad. It will take you more than double to time and distance to do Tawaaf on the any floor [...]

Hajj & Umrah and Your Health

Pre-Hajj Preparation  Health status and Medication:   If you suffer from any ailment such as a heart or chest condition or diabetes, tell your doctor or specialist well in advance of your intention to undertake this journey and ask their advice on how to reduce your chances of becoming ill.   Get your condition under optimal [...]