I would like to say Jazakallah to everyone at MZahid travel MashaAllah the journey was amazing and the service was brilliant. May Allah swt bless all the hajjis with good health, happiness, accept their hajj, forgive their sins, make them righteous and grant them success in this world and hereafter. Aameen

Hassan Patel


Alhamdulillah we are very fortunate to have completed our Hajj with M Zahid travel. Everything was very positive for us from the beginning to the end. My 4 children had their first experience of hajj and they really enjoyed the atmosphere within the group. Masha Allah everything ran very smoothly. The entire staff from M Hisham, Ghaffar bhai, Maqbul Bhai, Mohammad bhai and Brother Inaam were very helpful, very calm and extremely passionate at all times. May Allah SWT reward you and all your staff for your effort and commitment in providing us with such an excellent and brilliant service. We pray that Allah SWT make this a means for you all to enter Jannatul Firdows. Aameen

Sajid Bargit


The journey from start to end was excellent. The staff were brilliant always there for . Thanks to maqbool Bhai, isham, inamul, gaffer Bhai and all the other members who names I can’t remember. It was a beneficial to have an appa there.

Aysha Sidat


Salams, I would like to thank Zahid Uncle and the group for a truly memorable experience from start to Finnish. Alhumdulilah I have no complaints, only compliments. Zahid uncle and the staff did everything to make he journey as smooth and comfortable as possible Alhumdulilah. My husband and I had a very good experience in every aspect and really ejoyed our trip . JazakhAllahukhair

Sumayya Seth


M.Zahid provided a first class service and made my Hajj a journey to remember. From the second i entered the airport, there was a helpful member of staff who guided us up until the hotel and was there to answer any questions i had. Location of hotel in Makkah was brilliant - just 60 seconds away from the haram. Lovely decorated and well sized rooms. Plenty of space to sit in the restaurant so no waiting around. Food was amazing, just like home. Loads of different varieties, so always something for everyone. Exactly the same in Madina - location of the hotel was great. Just 2 minutes away from the haram (just behind Madina hilton). Again food was first class, never disappointed (even though these were the hotel cooks). Rooms in madina hotel were very spacious. Very well decorated rooms. On return to Makkah, the stay in Azizia hotel was brilliant. This hotel has been solely reserved for M.Zahid guests. A fairly new hotel so you can only expect modern design. The location of this hotel is perfect, just 10 minutes away from jamarat. The service from M.Zahid in the days of Hajj was unbelievable. May Allah reward these guys. The amount of khidmat these brothers did in these 5 days was more than anyone could ask for. Looked after us really well. A massive thanks to Zahid mama, Enam, Ml Hisham, Gafoor mama, mohammed bhai, abdul mama and makbool bhai. Without these guys my Hajj wouldn’t have been as fruitful as it was. If you are struggling to find the right hajj group, i would recommend M.Zahid to anyone without hesitation. In sha Allah i get the opportunity to travel with these brothers again. JazakAllah for everything.

Raees Ahmed


Very nice organisation very humble people. Done everything to make us feel happy and satisfied at all times. The guys really try there best. Hajj is a testing time and these guys are always at hand to help jazakallah

Zakaria Piperdi


To Zahid bhai thank you for everything

Abubaker Bhana


I would definitely travel with zaahid group again, very organised and attentive to our needs, excellent service may allah continue to give you barkat...Aameen

Mehrunessa Patel


Very likely as it was a fab experience and we all enjoyed it very much. Jzk to you all. Thank you for everything

Nazia Khan


I have traveled with this company on many occasions and I can honestly say they go out of their way to make this trip memorable and easy and very good guidance during our hajj. Jazakallah to all m.zahid team

Sahida Khan


Allhamdulilah very good. Made everything easy for us and very hospitable. Maybe next year have an Alima for the sisters throughout the whole stay.

Mohammed Limbada


Fantasic service from all of the m zahid group, they really went the extra mile for us we were very pleased.

Farha Alimahomed


To be honest from the beginning to the end we have not had any issues with anything. The accommodation/food/transport was exemplary. The only thing i would suggest is having a few bayaans in English, this is because some do not understand Urdu. Big thanks to the whole team for looking after us. Enam.Hisham,Makbool,Abdul,Gaffar and the rest of the team

Eazaz China


The service of staff from M.Zahid was outstanding. All members of staff were more than happy to help and serve any request we made. We travelled with elderly grandparents whom were very well looked after especially by Maqbool and Hisham. The hotels were very clean and of a excellent standard. Food was very good and any requests for food that were made was immediately catered to. Staff would guide us and take us on the days of Hajj to where we needed to go which made it much easier for us and allowed peace of mind Alhamdullilah. M.Zahid made our Hajj easier for us and looked after us very well. Would definitely recommend.

Amirah Chhadat


From the day I called to arrange the package til l coming back home has all been absolutley fantastic and great no words to explain only experience can tell the excellence of this group Jazakallah khair

Mohmed Huhel Jet


Amazing experience, great staff and great hospitality. Would definitely recommend the group. A great thanks to Enam and Moulana Hisham for always showing support throughout the journey. May Allah reward you and give you barakah in your future endeavours.

Uzair Atcha


Mashallah... amazing service... would love to come again.... have a new family!

Aasiyah Chhadat


Excellent, The best people.If you planning for Hajj,don't waste time with others.Close your eyes and book it with M.zahid. May Allah reward them with the best of everything. Aamin.

Fazal Patel


It was a great journey thanks to all staff at M.Zahid group very helpful and made the journey easy for us

Jamil Raj


Very pleased with the organization fantastic group good team Very happy that i chose to go on my first hajj with m zahid it was a 5* experience Alhamdulillah

S Zaman


Alhamdulillah the journey was very well organised and (insha allah) everyone must have enjoyed it... may Allah Ta'ala keep you all strong and together and give you the ability to continue the hard work. ameen

Abrarul Haq


May Allah reward you brothers, you really looked after us very very well. At every meal, at every namaz, at the very least, at every day someone was asking us if everything was smooth and if they could do anything to help. My only concern was the seating arrangements in the restaurant. Because of a shortage of tables, couples were forced to sit with other couples. This promoted intermingling of non-mahram, a major sin which is least of all appropriate in the haramain. Even when shortage of tables wasn't an issue, ladies wearing pardah were forced to take their niqabs off. How sad, that a woman who practices pardah in Blackburn and Bolton was forced to take it off in Makkah and Madina. A smarter solution would be to have men seated on one side of the dining hall and women on the other. The service was otherwise excellent. There were numerous people in our group who had travelled with many different groups and they rated their experience with you the best. May allah give you a good recompense in this world and in the life hereafter. May he bless you with success, give you barakah in your rizk, solve all of your problems and give you every type of aafiat in this world and the next. Ameen

Mubeen Ahmed


Alhamdulillah we had a great time! The M. Zahid staff were excellent. They helped us through the journey and were always available when needed. The bayaans were excellent and the food was very nice. Jazakallah.

Safwaan Hafez


Recently been for hajj with them and from landing in Jeddah and travelling to this great pilgrimage was a brilliant experience with M Zahid and the whole journey was wonderful.The hotel in mecca was a stones throw about 100 metres and fantastic 5 star ,room service to the highest quality and brilliant food through out buffet style and the same in medinah where the hotel was again brilliant with excellent variety of food right to the end.Very well looked after and they did a wonderful job from start to finish and well organized ,cannot complain on anything from the way they treated the whole group.Would go again with them if opportunity arises.

Nashir Alli


Everything that could have possibly be taken care of by the zahid guys was taken care of to the best of their ability. May Allah accept all their khidmat of all the Hajis.

Faizal Musa


Service was great and the group leaders were very helpful throughout the whole journey especially our hajj days, jazakAllah for making our experience a very good one..

Saeema Patel


Salaams, I Just wanted to say jazakhallah for putting on a superb hajj package and executing it perfectly. The organisation, logistics and service with a smile was much appreciated, especially sorting the rooms out everywhere we stayed. I ll pop into the office sometime to say hello. Please pass my salaams on to your dad, nazir bhai, makbool and the whole crew. All the people i hung out with during hajj all had only good things to say about the group and the spiritual guidance.
Jazakhallah from me and the family. May Allah give you more barakah in your business and allow you guys to smashing it.

Zakaria Limbada


All my family and I enjoyed our stay in Saudi Arabia we really loved everything and everybody was looked after !

Usman Ismail


I can't fault it ..excellent service provided by M Zahid and all his staff . may Allah give them barakah and continue providing service for Hajji's in the future.



Allah SWT accept your Kidmah towards Hajees and reward you in both worlds Ameen

Safeeyah and Moulana Zakir Gajaria


Thanks to the team at Zahid travel for their warm services throughout our journey of a lifetime. We were well looked after throughout the journey and our Hajj was made a very memorable and enjoyable experience. The days of hajj to me were the most enjoyable, unity within the group and communication was great. What stood out for me was the level of kidmat throughout; very accomodating and very helpful. Anyone blessed with the opportunity of going for Hajj I recommend going with Zahid travel.

Zubeir Patel


First time in Hajj and found zahid group is the best choice I made quality food 5 Star service in mina Arfaat and Muzdalifa 30 days seems like 3 days Becose of great atmosphere. I would recommend Don't take my word try youare self and Enjoy a trip of Life. Wasslam.

Tahir Golita


Hats off for M.Zahid.. Couldn't of asked for more.. From the day we enquired about hajj till the day we returned.. Only Allah can reward the organisers..

Sazid Mohmed


Staff were always on hand to provide assistance, all assistance was carried out with a smile. Fantastic togetherness within the whole group and an unforgettable experience. JazakAllah Khai

Sajid Musa


MashaAllah very impressed with all the services provided by M Zahid Travels. Very polite members of staff, always very helpful. Jazahkhallah khayr Keep up good work

Dawood Fozdar


I would defenatly recommend this group for hajj. Especially those who are going first time. Comment: Very friendly and helpful staff. Easy to approach management. Well organised.

Mufti Siraj Patel


It's nice and good and food was is brilliant hotels is lovely I'm very happy with mzahid travel I will recommend to go with mzahid travel it's nice and very good I will layick to say all staff and group members thanks u somuch

Makbul Patel


Mzahid went above and beyond my expectations in every aspect of the journey. Top marks for organization, experience, additional benefits, expert team and the fantastic hajjis in the group. Ten out of ten service.

Faariss Khalil


Good accomodation and choice to come back to azizia from mina is a benefit. Good communication Comment: Please let us know about any sadqah sponsorship for us to join.

Tasleem Balesaria


You hear a lot of horror stories of people's expiriences before you come for hajj. But don't let that put you off! My journey with m Zahid travel is a testament to that. Alhamdulillah I had a flawless journey with no complaints what so ever. All the travel arrangements were taken care of and perfect, staff are always on hand to help and are extremely friendly and approachable, and the food is always delicious. This was my first experience in Makkah and madina and it could not have gone any better. I actually got asked a few times what I wanted to eat and they made it specially! If you want the best experience make sure you book with m Zahid and you won't be disappointed!

Abdullah Omar


Best experience and best staff we could have chosen to go with. JazakAllah for everything! Been helpful and approachable from start to finish and always there for us! Hope to return again with you in the future sometime, inshaA! Highly recommended!! Exceeded all expectations.. :) #TeamMZahidTravel ;)

Firdows Patel


The best experience and an incredible journey from start to finish. Alhamdullilah. ALL the M.Zahid staff have been so helpful, friendly and approachable... Especially Maqbool Uncle... Who was there from the beginning of our journey from Manchester to the end... I will highly recommend this group to all and hope to return with you again in the future inshaAllah. Thankyou for your exceptional service and high standards. #TeamMZahidTravel

Farida Patel


Salaams to you and just to say everything is absolutely brilliant and fabulous hotel and food and service excellent. We are all very happy and highly recommended may allah bless you.

Naser Ali & family from Licester, By WhatsApp


Salams Zahid bhai, All good here. your arrangements are impressive no issues thus far May Allah reward your sincerity and honesty ameen Jazakallah Was alam.

Zubair, By WhatsApp


Just want to JazakAllah again from me and my family for another superb and memorable Umrah trip. Have been using MZahid Travel since 2006 on every occasion the service, communication, price and overall experience has been fantastic. Everything is so efficient, well organised and professional. I've never had to worry about anything when booking with MZahid Travel. I will once again use them for my next Umrah trip InshAllah. Keep up the great work and service you provide to pilgrims. JazakAllah.

Mohamed Amin


I write to you to thank you and Munir bhai on the behalf of myself, Asif bhai and our respective wives for a most wonderful hajj experience. The travel arrangements were flawless and the hotel accommodation together with the arrangements in Mina and Azizia were excellent. Most of all, you and your staff attended to all needs with courtesy and diligence. In short our decision to surrender all arrangements to your company was vindicated. Had we planned our own hajj arrangements, we would not have been able to plan better let alone deliver the arrangements to such a high standard.

The only complaint we have is that, contrary to the experience of other hajjaj, we put on weight during hajj. This was purely down to the excellent quality of food that you served.

It is without hesitation we have recommended you to family and friends and shall continue to do so. In thanking you for your efforts, we pray that you are duly rewarded for your generous work.

Ahmed Nadim


When booking our hajj pilgrimage, we spent a lot of time researching different travel agents and the varying packages on offer; however we struggled to find one that suited. M Zahid Travel were the first agents who were more than happy to answer our million and one questions. They also reassured us to keep phoning and asking as they recognised it was a big decision. Ultimately we booked a 3 week long package, which included shifting to Aziziyah for the main days of hajj.

Madinah: M Zahid Travel offers a few different hotels; we selected Dar ul Taqwa as it is literally outside one of the gates to the prophet's mosque (outside the women’s entrance). The group/staff were always on hand as and when we needed any help. They also arranged to take us and a few others to a date market and ensured we got high quality dates at a competitive price. The ziyarat trips in Madinah and Makkah were excellent, with frequent traveling pilgrims telling us they were the best trips they had ever been on.

Makkah: Again there are several hotels on offer; your choice depends on whether you want laundry included in your package and/or full board. The group’s staff was on hand and particularly offered to escort people on the rites of Umrah if anyone wanted their experienced help.

Aziziyah: this is the period when M Zahid Travel’s services went above and beyond expectations. Our hotel had all the facilities of a 5 star hotel - kettle, fridge, mineral water and TV. Our room was clean and new looking and exactly as the photos on the agent's website. Everyone in the group was happy and pleasantly surprised. The group also provided 3 fresh meals every day and the food was delicious!! The mood across the group lifted during this time and everyone enjoyed the two days in Aziziyah prior to hajj as we spent our time with good food and several talks in the day by the muftis.

Mina: The tents in Mina and Arafat are provided by The Ministry of Hajj. The main difference M Zahid Travel brought to our hajj experience is that they provided hot, home cooked food (the same as in Aziziyah). So whilst other group were eating the pre-packed lunch boxes provided by The Ministry of Hajj (Cheese croissants and boxed juiced), we were dining on biryani. Similarly on the day of Arafat, the group continuously provided fruit, juice and water to keep us hydrated and finally treated the group to an Al Baik hot dinner.

We would never consider going on hajj or umrah with an alternative group and would highly recommend M Zahid Travel to all. Many agents now treat hajj as a business. In contrast M Zahid Travel operates with the belief and policy that they are helping people fulfil a pillar of Islam and that in helping us complete our hajj they too will be rewarded. We had a wonderful hajj experience and would not hesitate to recommend M Zahid Travel.

Aslam and Summayah


I’d like to personally thank Reshma for her excellence in customer Service and Care throughout the booking of my Umra Trip. Reshma was responsible for taking a large booking for 26 of my family members. She perfected the hotels and logistics towards my every request.

Her advice, professionalism and not to mention patience with me at all times has been quite outstanding to a level I haven’t yet experienced before.

Many Thanks to you Reshma, for taking this load off me and for making me feel like M Zahid Group was the perfect Agency to book with.

Imran Yusuf


I went with my wife and arrangements were made via Zahid group. I would like to thank you for your guidance and help throughout this trip. Although I did a lot of things myself (through my own will) the trip went smoothly. I did have a lot of questions before the trip in terms of the hotels and flights, but they were answered in detail and easily by Arzu on numerous occasions. I also had a couple of whatsapp communication with one of your members whilst out there who helped me with a couple of queries.

Usman Hussain


I have just returned from a very fruitful and satisfying Hajj experience, and I must commend the whole team at M ZAHID Travels for making our journey a memorable one, from the offset I found Mr Zahid and Enam to be very courteous and helpful who tailored the package to suit my needs, I found their staff both in the UK and in Saudi Arabia to be very professional and friendly, nothing was too much trouble for them, help and assistance was available at every point of the journey, the accommodation and food was superb, I would gladly and highly recommend M ZAHID Travels to anyone wishing to make the Hajj journey, they made the whole experience seem easy and stress free for me, keep up the great work guys, may the almighty reward you in abundance.

Ekramul Valli


Good afternoon and Salaams,

"I write with regards to my recent Umrah trip post Ramadhan.

I went with my wife and arrangements were made via Zahid group. I would like to thank you for your guidance and help throughout this trip. Although I did a lot of things myself (through my own will) the trip went smoothly. I did have a lot of questions before the trip in terms of the hotels and flights, but they were answered in detail and easily by Arzu on numerous occasions. I also had a couple of whatsapp communication with one of your members whilst out there who helped me with a couple of queries.

I would like to thank you and your team for the service you provide and I shall definitely recommend you to friends family and colleagues.




"I alongside my wife, brother and mother went to Hajj with the M Zahid’s Travel Tour in 2015. Albeit I reside I reside in Derby, my wife’s family come from Blackburn therefore I out of the 7 times that I have done Hajj in the past four of these times have been with tour operators who operate from Blackburn, namely Hakim, Sattar, and Al-Harmain (twice). It was the first time I was going with my family therefore I was keen to go with Al-Harmain again as my previous two times with them had been the most impressive out of all 6 Hajj’s I had completed to date, however my In-laws who had been with M Zahid for Umrah earlier in 2014 persuaded me otherwise. They hugely recommended this tour group, and like me mashallah they have had the opportunity to go to Hajj and Umrah on numerous occasions in the past and with differing tour operators too, therefore albeit reluctantly (as I had my heart set on going with Al-Harmain) and I did not wish to offend my in-laws by declining their recommendation I decided to go with M Zahid Travels and Mashallah I am very glad that I did. Upon arrival I had experienced everything as accurately as Enam (Mr Zahid’s son) has outlined everything upon speaking as booking with him. The hotels in both Makkah and Madina had exceeded expectations considering what the package cost. I am merely wiring this review based on the service of the tour operators as mashallah ibadat has been so plain sailing that I cannot write anything to fault this, and as they are differing denominations of followers I do not think it fair that I write about how we completed this as your teachings may differ from mine.